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About Us
Why am I  so obsessed with films? 


I find the best stories are stories that are impossible and exciting, or crushingly realistic and heart-breaking.

There are stories that will incite anger or tell of social inequality, and there are stories that show you how to accept life’s difficulties and enjoy the small things that really matter.

Not all films carry a heavy moral theme. Some films are just throwaway pieces of fluff without meaning or a story of any kind. But even in the cheesiest of flicks there is usually some kind of message. 

Yes, I love stories. I love my own and I love other people’s.

Importantly I love that at any given time I can find a story that will help me to become something more.  Or I can watch something I’ve never seen and learn something that gives my story new meaning.

Putting MY story on film to share with others and make the audience feel what I believe I can make them feel, is what I LOVE

Do you love film and care about it as deeply as we do?  Then join us and help us create worthwhile movies.
The Stillwater Team
  1. Marty McGinley
    Founder / Director
  2. Skip Haskins