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Wanting wins two IndieFEST awards  8/10/2018

Stillwater Pictures press release on our awards


Northwest Hearld Story 7/19/2017

Algonquin man renews screenwriting passion with 'the Wanting'

When Algonquin resident Marty McGinley’s house was foreclosed on five years ago, he had no time to consider his true passion.

“When I lost the home, I was devastated,” McGinley said. “I felt personally that I failed my family.”

Now, McGinley, a father of four, serves as an example of perseverance to his children. After 52 years, McGinley has decided to pursue his true passion: film.

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Daily Hearld Story 6/17/2018

Suburban filmmaker, 54, proves it's never too late to chase a dream

It's never too late to pursue your passion. At 54 years old and weeks away from the premiere of his first short film, Marty McGinley says he's living proof.

For the last 35 years, McGinley has held a steady job as a graphic artist, a position that allows him to exercise his creativity. He settled down with his wife in the McHenry County area, raised his four daughters and did what he had to do to provide for his family.

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Northwest Hearld Story 6/28/2018

Crystal Lake man teams up with daughter to bring short film to screen

At a very young age, Marty McGinley fell in love. As a young boy, the Crystal Lake resident made Super 8 films with his dad’s camera. He would have the film developed, splice and tape it, and watch, with a critical eye.
“I knew I loved movies,” McGinley said. “I was fascinated by the lighting and how they brought you in to certain scenes. I loved Disney and dreamed of being an animator and filmmaker.”

However, life happens and McGinley, again, fell in love. This time with his high school friend. A wife and four daughters later, McGinley became the doting husband and father, putting his girls on a pedestal and his filmmaking dreams on a shelf.

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WGN Morning New Interview 8/24/2016

Man explains his ‘awkward photo’ featured during WGN Morning News segment

A man from Algonquin, Illinois wanted a chance to "explain" an "awkward photo" of himself that was featured on WGN Morning News during our "Awkward Family Photos" segment.
Marty recently wrote the Morning Show to tell us: "If you are going to put up something on the news, you should at least give the person the right to explain or show what he looks like now. haha That's me as a freshman in high school."

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